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DiverseCity Ventures backs tech-enabled, scalable companies with both positive social / economic / environmental impact, and high potential for outsized returns. We offer advisory services to pre-seed companies and target investments in outstanding early-stage companies. 


Cultural Equity | Affordable Housing | CivicTech | Communication | EdTech

MedTech | Sports & Entertainment


Entrepreneurship  |  Poverty Alleviation

FinTech | CryptoCurrency

Basic Income | Economic Development


Sustainability | ZEV

AgTech | CleanTech

Water | Energy | Food

DiverseCity Includes You

Innovation thrives where diverse perspectives intersect.
DiverseCity Ventures capitalizes on those intersections. We encourage companies to harness the power of diverse perspectives derived from domain expertise, gender, culture, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic status, age, identity, etc.
Our core belief in this regard is that "diversity includes you." 


At DiverseCity Ventures, we are passionate about and committed to addressing inequities in technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.  We believe that fighting poverty and closing the funding, wealth, and wage gaps are critical to empowering founders who possess insights into the world's most pressing social, economic, and environmental problems.
Impact Investing has grown from $50B to $500B in the past decade and will continue to climb into the trillions as we rebuild our economy post Covid-19. 
We endorse the Sustainable Development Goals of the
United Nations Development Program

Triple-Bottom Line Mission

DiverseCity Ventures is committed to building a culture of ethical and operational excellence. That is why we are working with trusted leaders in ESG. We also engage in thought leadership and policy advocacy in pursuit of triple-bottom-line results. People, profits, and planet multiplied by DCV's edge is our formula for alpha. We are committed to revitalizing venture capital with ESG as the foundation upon which we build back better.